Added some Portfolio Stuff 08-11-03

Here is some of the things i have been drawing

 Workin Riding and Relaxing 07-24-02

I've been at MITRECAASD now over a year and a half. Yikes. In the past few years I have not done ANYTHING for a full year, let alone living in the same residence for more than 9 months.

Have been enjoying my new ride. It is very nice. I heartily recommend getting one yourself, a new car that is. Well worth it.

 Final3D is OVER... 06-24-00

Well I will be graduating sat the 27th. Yeah I'm a college graduate. It took me a whooping 4 years like normal. Yeah its an art school, so what its still work. I mean 4 school days a week.. Whooo.. Tough schedule.

Now its time to sit down and relax. and then I will look for that all important job.

Here's my FINAL 3D Project in all its glory. (6.4 MB). So sit back read a magazine and enjoy it.

 Final3D is bleedin me 02-12-00
Well my last and final animation here at college is full steam ahead. The teachers been pretty receptive towards my progress
 New Domain Registration 9-17-99
well its official. is now mine. With a few simple clicks and a credit card and I got me a domain. I still gotta survive with that 'ad' but oh well. Its free right

If I make some cash I will think about paying someone to host it.