little bit about me

In Northern Virginia, I was born and raised, I've spent most of my life behind a computer from my old 8088 to this here AMD 2000+. I guess the computer's just always been there, from playing computer games to eventually creating art.

My family bought one of the first personal camcorders; it was a fairly large hunk. Well it came with a frame-by-frame capture. It was rather crude doing 1/4th of a second 1/2 or a full second. This gave use some restrictions with the motion one can create. Well the first one to test it out was a friend of my brothers, he didn't much like writing final papers so he got his teacher to go for an alternative presentation project. I would help him in the creation of these short animations and also do some on my own, and later for my teachers as well.

Also during High School they created a pilot class, Computer Graphics, using Adobe Photoshop and Premiere. Many people seemed to take the class just to get away from the books. Which is what I did. Yet it hooked me and got me involved with other friends who got me into a package 3D Studio. I created a few simplistically crude animations and was instantly hooked.

After H.S. I looked for a college that offered a Computer Art Degree. My brother had graduated from VA Tech, and all my friends were planning on going to a VA school. My father assumed that VA had every major that one could think of. So I went to Old Dominion University. It offered some computer art and I was impressed with the O2s they had there. I still cannot recall what they actually used them for, though. Yet I didn't get to use much Photoshop or my computer skills in the least. I decided to look elsewhere for my Computer Art needs.

A H.S. Friend of mine had been going to an Art School in Savannah, GA a place that I had never even heard of. Savannah College of Art and Design, after coming down for a visit in the spring, I was quickly impressed with the computer labs and the weather was amazing. Too make a long story short. I now have 3D Animations and learned a great deal of the packages Maya and SoftImage. I am now graduated from college.

I spent the summer of 2000 sitting around doing freelance work, until mid December I got a call from a friend who asked if I was still sitting around doing nothing, and I said but of course So he got me into an interview and I got a job at MITRE-CAASD creating web sites, and other odds and ends graphically wise.

Yikes where has the time gone.